I have to admit that it has been rather quiet over here. Well, on this site that is, not in my daily life. I have mostly been working. With varying levels of success, but working nonetheless. 🙂

So no time for photography. Although I do have various rolls of film going, just waiting to be finished before I can develop them. And I can’t remember what the last time is that I drew or painted anything.  That might beg the question, “didn’t you do anything fun at all”? Sure I did. Just nothing terribly visible. Well, besides translating a documentary from Russian to English…..

“Wait, what? You don’t speak Russian!”. Yes, I have to admit I don’t. And the amount of credit I received is somewhat exaggerated, but I did help in the translation of a documentary by Svetlana Karimova called “Old School”.

I personally found it an exciting short documentary to watch. But have a look yourself. In the mean time I’ll try to get back to some creative endeavors of my own.

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