Our video “The Illusion of Intelligence” has won the award for “Best Student Video” at the AAAI 2012 Video Competition.


The illusion of intelligence is a video from Karolina Zawieska, Bart Kevelham, Maher Ben Moussa and Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann.
Created at MIRALab – University of Geneva, the video discusses the human tendency to anthropomorphise machines, in particular to project intelligence onto robots.


Our paper Virtual try on : an application that needs GPU acceleration has been published as part of the ATIP – A*CRC Workshop on Accelerator Technologies in High Performance Computing.


In this paper we discuss our Virtual Try On (VTO) from the perspective of performance. The VTO is an application which assists users in the evaluation of physically simulated garments on a size-correct virtual representation of their own body. Where in previous work we discussed its features and implementation, here we analyze its performance and identify those components which would benefit most from additional optimization efforts. We then detail our ongoing efforts and achieved results with regards to the optimization of the application, by making use of GPU computation, focused on the accurate physical simulation of garments.