One of my more recent jobs at the artanim Foundation has been the development of a series of games for the “Faites comme chez nous” exposition at the Natural History Museum (MHN) in Geneva. The exposition details the work of their paleontologists in the Kem Kem region in Morocco. Not only was it a fun project to work on, but I recently had the chance to visit the exposition and see it all in action.

We worked on a series of touch-screen based mini-games accompanying the exposition. On sign-up visitors were given a ticket with a tooth they had to match to their dinosaur. The drag-and-drop or multiple-choice games asked questions about the various displays and lead the visitors along a path of research and discovery. What did their dinosaur eat? Why were there more of one than another? And what do you take with you if you’re a paleontologist on a mission?


From the ticket printing to the final death defying photo with a dinosaur, all was in full swing and seemingly enjoyed by the children present, including me.

If you’re interested you can visit the museum and the exposition for free until the 27th of June 2017.

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