Who am I?

Who am I?

My name is Bart Kevelham. I live in Geneva, Switzerland and work as a software developer and researcher in the VR and AR domain.

I currently am a Lead R&D Engineer on my second stint at Artanim in Geneva. I work on all sorts of research and software development related to full-body AR/VR, and participate in various research projects and the writing of research proposals.

In between my Artanim stints, I worked at OZWE Games in Lausanne, where I was a developer on Anshar Online, an online multiplayer VR space shooter for Oculus Go, Gear VR and Oculus Rift, featuring cross platform play. My main responsibilities were the development of our own .Net-based server-side game engine as well as all accompanying tooling. In addition I’m responsible for several of the missions that can be found in game, and I took care of the management of our QA process with an external QA partner.

I had a long stint at Artanim before, where I occupied myself with a wide variety of R&D projects, among which Real Virtuality, a virtual reality platform combining VR headsets and motion capture.

Many moons ago I was a research assistant at MIRALabUniversity of Geneva where I worked on the parallelization of their physical simulation software, targeted at soft bodies and particularly virtual garments.

On this site I will mostly share information related to my work such as research results, accepted publications and other related (hopefully interesting) information.

My photography (originally a part of this website) has since been moved to its own little space: http://photography.kevelham.com

All photos and images (as well as all other data) posted on this website are copyrighted by me (Bart Kevelham) and cannot be used or reproduced without my explicit permission. If you would like to obtain permission, please contact me by email as listed below.

Thank you for visiting.


My resume can be found on GitHub. I try to keep it up-to-date, but you can always contact me for an up-to-date version. Alternatively you can find me on LinkedIn (feel free to connect with me) or Stack Overflow Careers, where I’m also reasonably active on the main site.

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