Our paper Virtual try on : an application that needs GPU acceleration has been published as part of the ATIP – A*CRC Workshop on Accelerator Technologies in High Performance Computing.


In this paper we discuss our Virtual Try On (VTO) from the perspective of performance. The VTO is an application which assists users in the evaluation of physically simulated garments on a size-correct virtual representation of their own body. Where in previous work we discussed its features and implementation, here we analyze its performance and identify those components which would benefit most from additional optimization efforts. We then detail our ongoing efforts and achieved results with regards to the optimization of the application, by making use of GPU computation, focused on the accurate physical simulation of garments.


Should you be following this site/blog, then you might be surprised to see that over the next days/weeks most of the photos will start to disappear. But don’t worry, they are not gone. I have decided to split them out into their own site: http://photography.kevelham.com. I feel that the current site does not lend itself very well for photos and any photographic theme does not lend itself for the other content.

So there you have it. Make sure to follow the new site if you’re interested. And if not, you’re more than welcome to stay here.


I have to admit that it has been rather quiet over here. Well, on this site that is, not in my daily life. I have mostly been working. With varying levels of success, but working nonetheless. 🙂

So no time for photography. Although I do have various rolls of film going, just waiting to be finished before I can develop them. And I can’t remember what the last time is that I drew or painted anything.  That might beg the question, “didn’t you do anything fun at all”? Sure I did. Just nothing terribly visible. Well, besides translating a documentary from Russian to English…..

“Wait, what? You don’t speak Russian!”. Yes, I have to admit I don’t. And the amount of credit I received is somewhat exaggerated, but I did help in the translation of a documentary by Svetlana Karimova called “Old School”.

I personally found it an exciting short documentary to watch. But have a look yourself. In the mean time I’ll try to get back to some creative endeavors of my own.


Something a bit different from my usual posts, but essentially what I set up this website for. And there is still an interesting picture to look at in the end. Well, perhaps interesting to a smaller audience.

After quite an overhaul I managed to get my CUDA cloth simulation up and running again. Including non-linear tensile and bending stiffness with arbitrary strain-stress curves and implicit integration. There is still a lot that remains to be completed, but it’s progress. It’s nice to be back on track. 20k element cloth, simulated in real-time using non-linear tensile and bending stiffness


Our paper 3D Web-Based Virtual Try On of Physically Simulated Clothes has been published in Computer Aided Design and Applications.

In this paper we present the Virtual Try On (VTO), an online application that assists users in the evaluation of garments in an online shopping scenario. With the VTO users can create a size-correct virtual representation of themselves, allowing them to virtually try on physically simulated garments which can then be animated. We discuss the requirements of web based physically simulated clothes through a discussion of its building blocks: body sizing, motion retargeting and real-time physically based simulation of resizable and customizable garments. We also discuss its place in a CAD chain from 2D pattern data to the final production of actual garments.